I almost didn’t share this today, but decided to…

Here’s the thing: I taught a course at the Ramp School of Ministry (RSM) for several years called The Foundations of Identity. The feedback I received from students was OVERWHELMING. The entire purpose of the course was to help people break the chains of intimidation and fear, and cultivate the boldness they need to become everything God has for them. I wanted to see students release their gifts and potential with a confidence that was unshakeable.

I wanted people to know that it was not who they are that’s holding them back… instead, it’s who they think they’re not that is holding them back.

I still hear testimonies from students about how the revelation impacted them. It quickly became a life message for me and I’ve preached bits and pieces of it here and there at different churches over the years.

Now for the big news… I’m putting it all in my new book: Bold As A Lion.

I’ve been stirred about this book for years, and now is the time to crank it out and get it into as many hands as I can.

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I’ll keep you posted about the launch date for the book too!