I want to stir hunger in people for the Bible. I want to see the church skilled in rightly dividing the Scriptures, as their hearts and minds are transformed by the thrill of a life saturated by the word of God.

I wrote a short article on how the Bible works together; both Old and New Testaments. I called it Genesis theology versus Revelation theology. You can read it here.

I received a number of emails and responses to that short entry because many, if not most, never knew the Bible was constructed that way.

And it’s this one missing key that causes so much misunderstanding.

Take the book of Hebrews for example (my personal favorite), because no other book in the Bible paints such a stunning picture of Jesus’ beauty and atonement.

However, to understand Hebrews on any level whatsoever, you have to possess a fundamental working knowledge of a few things; topics like:

  • The Tabernacle of Moses
  • The Tabernacle of David
  • The Temple of Solomon
  • The Covenants
  • The Priesthood
  • The Offerings
  • The Feasts

Without this foundational understanding, Hebrews will forever be a sealed book; esoteric at first glance, with its revelation obscured by our own ignorance.

That’s why real study is hard work. It requires more than a quick glance to finish our one-year reading plan. It requires that we labor, that we dig, that we toil, because that is where the gems are found.

Back to Hebrews… The overwhelming revelation of the entire book is this: Jesus is better.

Better than what?

Well, in brief order, He’s better than: the prophets, the angels, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, the old priesthood, the entire old covenant, the tabernacle, the sacrifices, all the heroes in Hebrews 11, just to name a few.

But we will never understand how much better He is if we haven’t grasped everything that went before Him.

That’s why I get concerned with our lack of study and Scriptural depth. On the off-chance we find someone with a well-worn Bible, highlighted and annotated with this or that thought, we have found an anomaly indeed. But even then, it is usually their New Testament that has received the bulk of the attention, while the Old Testament goes virtually unnoticed. Some publishers even print the New Testament in standalone form, without the Old Testament whatsoever.

How can the New Testament make any sense, when its writers were drawing on an Old Testament understanding as they penned their revelations?

Simple. It can’t.

The Bible just doesn’t work that way.

The New Testament is trying to capture us with a revelation of Jesus. But it only works against the backdrop of the Old Testament. Without it, we are doomed to a blurry, distorted version of who He is.

But if we do the hard work of study, He comes into crisp view…

And that revelation rocks our world.

Because after all, He is better indeed.

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